Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Downside to Spring Cleaning

So I finally admitted that now that I have my Rocket7 shoes, plus a backup pair of Diadoras, I'm never going to wear those ugly, worn-out electric blue Nike mountain bike shoes again, and tossed them last month during spring cleaning.

{My shoes were actually uglier}

And of course, this month I could really, really use them for spare parts...

I'm looking for the SPD shoe plate inserts- the parts that require remove the upper footbed during installation. Usually they have 4 threaded holes where the cleat bolts attach:

I'm in need of the black metal plate underneath the green plastic.

If you've got an old pair of SPD cleats that you don't mind giving up for parts, I'd sure appreciate it!

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Anonymous said...

Estaban has drawers full of those suckers at the shop-- Drop by ECB in Ghent and pick some up.