Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Clydesdales Need Lovin' Too!

My wife can go shopping for shoes and finds dozens in her size.

My brother and father "only" wear a Size 13, and they can find at least 10 pairs.

But I hold the distinction of the largest feet in the family, and I'm lucky to find a single pair of shoes in the store that fit me.

Basketball shoes. Size 14. No driving shoes. No skateboard shoes. No flipflops. Maybe a pair of "boat" shoes.

Birkenstock sells dozens of different clogs, sandals and shoes. But for Size 14 they've got exactly 4 different models- 2 strap sandal, 3 strap sandal, clog and oxford-style lace-up shoe.

That's it. Forget about colors. You get one model. The Size 10 may be available in seven different colors, but the Size 14 is available is just one color. You should be happy that they even bother to carry a Size 14.

I guess I've learned simplicity, but it annoys the heck out of me when I see a beautiful shoe, but it's not available in @#$%ing Size 14:

Clydesdales need shoeing, too!

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