Friday, March 6, 2009

Creative Scam Spam: Nigerian Wedding Photography

Apparently this is some kind of check-kiting scam:

My name is Mr. Mike Mcgeeb .I am planning to have my wedding
ceremony on April 9, 2009 at Holy Trinity Parish Hall, Marshfield
Missouri, 515 East Washington Street, Marshfield MO 65706 .
I am looking for a good photographer who will come and do the snap
shots on the D-day.
I came accross your listing on the net and decided to contact you.
I want to know your charges for the following required services if
you are to work for between 6 and 8 Hours on that day.
We will select the best 100 copies of different snaps photos in
both black and white and coloured and in Two main sizes and dimensions
which is required for my personal use at home,
1)16" x 12" (405 x 305mm) approx. including post and packaging
2)12" x 10" (305 x 204mm) approx. including post and packaging
3) I want just one Panoramic images size 18" x 6.5" (457mm x165mm)
30 10x8 prints in album.coloured Snapped in the church and at the
reception.I want is for me and my wife, Our parents, the officiating
ministers and our guests.
I will be requiring your service for atleast 6 Hours at both
occasions (church and at the reception). The church is Holy Trinity
Catholic Church - Marshfield Missouri 515 East Washington Street,
Marshfield MO 65706 . If you are out of Missouri, I will pay the
transportation charges to and from the party venue so I want you to
indicate in your email if you are out of Missouri and state what it
will cost you to get transport to Marshfield Missouri so that we both
can work it out and also the total amount you will receive for the
whole services at the occasion.
We will have the photographs snapped at the wedding forwarded to the
Publisher of a Magazine Company in U.S so they could feature it in
their celebrity journal so due to this, I want the pictures neat and
However,I will be making the payment by means of a Check. Let me have
your full Names, Address, Phone Number, where the Cheque will be mailed
to for the payment.Moreso, should you be out of state,
the Hotel accomodation will be provided for by me. Waiting to read from
you soon as regards this.
Thanks and have nice day.


Stupid Hurts: Bridal Portraits on the Mainline

Gosh, I just don’t know why I didn’t think of this myself…Wedding Photographer Tom Munoz, in a demo for the new PockWizard ControlTL accessory, posed a bride on the mainline, and the video is posted on YouTube.

Based on the fresh ballast, shiny rails & concrete ties, I’m going to guess that Tom was shooting on either the CSX or Florida East Coast line in his hometown of Fort Lauderdale. It must be the low resolution of the web video that keeps me from making out the blue flags on the line and/or the assistants watching Tom’s back…I’m sure the track foreman was just out of frame, too…

Kudos to Tom, though, for bucking convention & refusing to tie the bride to the rail with strips torn from her own dress! Pure Genius!!!

Stay off railroad tracks, folks.
Not only is it trespassing, it's stupid.
Fast trains run silent.
Trains kill trespassers dead.