Thursday, January 8, 2009

We're gonna lock U up!

So this past week while I've been riding around Norfolk, I've run into a few friends who've said,
"I just can't afford ten bucks for the entry fee!"

So for the record, let me explain a "free will" entry fee: it means pay what you can. If you can afford ten bucks, great! If you can only afford five bucks, that's great, too! And if you've only got a buck or two, then that will help out, too.

See, for about five years now I've been fixing up bikes and giving them away to folks who don't have any other transportation. I've got more time than cash though, and I just can't afford to give away a lock for each bike. Which means that someone's new beach cruiser gets ripped off before payday...

Then there's the fact that a $5 bike chain ain't worth five bucks...An industrious bike thief with a set of bolt cutters and a pickup truck can snap a chain and toss the bike in the back of the truck in thirty seconds flat. So the locks that most of my bike recipients can afford ain't worth it!

That's why Mike Shipp at East Coast Bikes is hooking me up with a deal on some decent U Locks. He's agreed to sell them to me at cost, $20 a piece.

Pay what you can, and come out this Saturday for some fun!