Monday, July 7, 2008

Hey Honey, You Washed My Cell Phone

No, really. It was an accident. I swear.

"Hey Honey, have you seen my cell phone?"

"No. Where'd you have it last?"

"Well I remember it chiming this morning when we were going out the door."

"Did you call it from the house phone?"

"Yeah, I did, and it's going straight to voice mail."

"It wasn't in the laundry basket was it? Because I started a load of laundry before we left."

My cell phone was not in the laundry basket. Rather, it was in the bottom of the washing machine, underneath a load of freshly laundered clothes.

My carrier's customer service center hasn't opened yet, but I'm willing to bet that it'll cost me at least $160 to get a new phone. And for that price, I might as well get an iPhone.

No, really- I need a new phone.

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