Monday, February 16, 2009

Winter Project: The "Cayat"

So last summer I inherited a 1982 Folbot Cayat, a hybrid canoe/kayak/sailboat. (this was the only rigid, non-folding boat produced by Folbot, a company famous for their folding boats.)

For months now I've been boning up on a conflagration of subjects: wooden boat repair, fiberglass boat repair, sail theory & design, bamboo construction techniques, and outriggers.

This weekend I finally put the scraper to the hull and started in on it. With the help of a friend and expert carpenter, I'll be installing a new deck, as well as making some significant upgrades to the sailing hardware. My goal is to have the Cayat back in the water by Memorial Day...we'll see!


Unknown said...

Wow inside of your boat repair looks magnificent!! Did you make your deadline?

Unknown said...


i have a folbot cayat also, I built it in 2003, but my brother ordered the kit in 1973, it's a great boat. Enjoy it.

John Orth
Plano tx