Wednesday, July 23, 2008

These Are Some of My Favorite Things

Multi-Hull Sailboats That Are Actually Sailed-

My "new" non-folding Folbot sailing kayak with hydrodynamic outriggers

My daughter playing in the surf

And, of course, bike racks...

My favorite Bar in Norfolk, Crackers, has installed a bike rack right on the front sidewalk!
Let's hear it for tapas, cocktails & fixies!!

I've added links to, the website for posting pix to Google Earth. One way to help the cycling community grow in Norfolk is to publicize the location of sturdy bike parking. Not all bike racks are made the same-

Those all-too-ubiquitous cheap-ass bike racks can be busted with a monkey wrench. A thief doesn't need to bust your bike lock, just the rack. Then they can take the bike home & bust the lock at their leisure. So think twice before you use a bike rack that's already been defeated...


Anonymous said...

Man, you've hit upon one of my peeves. Minimal actual bike parking in Norfolk. Especially in Ghent area. I think the City, GBA and the DNC ought to be pushing for bike racks at all restaurants/bars and grocery stores (props to Harris Teetor, boos to Farm Fresh). Especially during new construction. I mean if a neighborhood like Ghent can't become more bike lifestyle friendly....

Crackers is still the best (our favorite date spot) although I miss having it just three blocks from my house. Lately our "bike date" place has been Tortilla West. The wife luvs dem Margaritas.

Unknown said...

Mike Shipp at East Coast Bikes has been working with the city to install more bike racks along 21st Street & Colley Avenue. They'll be sturdy, single-pole racks, like the ones in front of Starbucks on Colley.

Go Mike!!!