Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hungry Cat Alley Cat Race

I've had a few questions about the course and the rules for the Hungry Cat Alley Cat Race next Friday the 15th, so let me take this opportunity to explain a few things, while still retaining an air of mystery...

The Winner
The Winner will be the first person to reach the finish with receipts from the 4 checkpoints and all 8 food items.

There's no set course, but expect to cover 8-10 miles to reach all 4 checkpoints.

Now I'm not going to spoil the fun and tell y'all where each checkpoint is, but suffice it to say that they will all be supermarkets located around Ghent, Downtown Norfolk and South Norfolk. That's right, I said, South Norfolk...Get ready for some climbing, kitty cats!

Food Items
I'm not gonna say what's on the shopping list, but each participant will get the same shopping list. There will be 8 items on the list (no meat, no dairy). Now depending on whether you buy name brand or generic, you'll spend $10 or $15.

If you want to be all ghetto & hang plastic bags off yer handlebars...
Fine, go right ahead.
I'm bringing my trusty messenger bag.

If you want to be all ghetto & leave yer bike lying unlocked in front of the store...
Fine, go right ahead.
I'm bringing my trusty Kryptonite.
(course, you could tag team it with a buddy...)

Helmets & Lights
You'd Look Hotter in a Helmet.
As for lights, well, they're pretty useful for avoiding the beer bottles on the Berkley Bridge footpath!


kurtz said...

awesome. see you there.

Unknown said...

Hawtness. Time to pop my cherry.

Rob Tripp said...

I heard one item is a 35 pound bag of dog food.