Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Favorite Bike Podcasts

Podcasting, for those who ain't so tech-savvy, is an awesome way to listen to audio content on your own schedule. Instead of having to remember to tune into, say, This American Life, or The Bill O'Reilly Show, you can just subscribe to a podcast through iTunes (look for the "Podcast" menu on the left side, then click the "Podcast Directory" button), download the show to you MP3 player, and listen to it at your convenience.

While there are quite a number of professionally-produced radio shows that are now available in podcast format, there are a whole bunch of amateurs who are getting into the game, too. So here's a round up of my favorite biking podcasts. I've included the hyperlinks to the iTunes podcast URL's, so just click the link and you'll go to the podcast:

The Bike Show from Resonance FM.
Jack Thurston hosts this awesome little show out of London, and covers everything from the latest underground fashions in cycling apparel to transcontinental bike rides. The interview with Sheldon Brown on the history of Raleigh bicycles is a real gem. The Bike Show blog is here.

From the other side of the Atlantic comes Bikescape, an amateur show out of San Francisco. While not as regular as The Bike Show, Bikescape offers a revealing look into West Coast urban bike culture, while also occasionally venturing abroad for visits to velodromes and New York City. The Bikescape blog is here.

The FredCast
The FredCast is oriented towards road riders, and the first twenty minutes of every show is spent recapping the pro tour. If you care about the pro tour, I guess that's a good thing...If you care about latest, newest, and most expensive power meters, GPS navigators, cyclometers, heart meters or integrated power meters/GPS navigators/cyclometers/heart meters, then this is the show for you. Sometimes The FredCast is good, but sometimes it's just annoying. The FredCast blog is here.

The Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable

While The FredCast can be a bit much, the same guy also puts together a round table discussion by a rotating cast of bike industry folks. It's usually a pretty amusing ensemble, especially when the mountain bike guys start dissing roadies for doping. Much, much better than The FredCast.

Crooked Cog Podcast
Tim Grahl had a great thing going there for a while, but it's been a few months since he posted a new show. Crooked Cog focused on blue collar mountain biking- no high-end pro stuff, just the gritty basics for the working stiff who likes to ride some singletrack before going home to stinky diapers.

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