Sunday, September 9, 2007 Coast Monday Night Rides

All right folks, it's coming time to put up the skinny-tired road bike and pull out yer fat boy mountain bike!

That's right, we're swapping out road bikes for mountain bikes. Beginning next week, sunset will drop on Norfolk at 7:16 PM. And the week after? 7:05 PM. The days are only gonna get shorter...

So Liz & I, as the official ride leaders, have decided to make the switch. For the next 6 months, here's what we'll expect on the Monday night ride:

1) Mountain or Cross bikes. Alright, we'll make an exception for fat-tired touring bikes. Just don't come out on your 700x18 racing tires. The nocturnal potholes will eat those wimpy tires alive...

2) Helmet. Just wear it...

3) Lights. Both front and rear lights are required. If yer a bike geek and you know it, strap on that helmet light and clip a taillight to yer ass.

4) No iPods. No Aero Bars. You don't need them in the city on an night group ride. Leave 'em at home.

Having said all that, let me make my pitch for my favorite city tire and bike light: Schwalbe Big Apple tires and the Cateye HL-EL530 LED handlbar light. They both just rock, and Mike at East Coast Bikes will be happy to hook you up with both.

As the winter settles in, the Weak shall be Separated from the Crazy, and Yea, a Call shall Issue Forth from my Cellular Phone:

"Are we riding tonight?"

And Lo, I shall Speak Unto My People. And I shall Give Them the Message Given Unto Me by The Great Lord Velo-urge. The Great Lord Velo-urge did Speak Unto Me, and said,

"Speak thus to my people: They shall call unto Thee, and Thee shall say unto them:

'Is it raining? No?
Is it freezing cold? No?
Then we're riding.'"

And now, here's the route:

And finally, a picture of my Big Apples:

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Liz Schleeper said...

Our urban assault ride is the only thing that makes shorter days exciting. Nice map.