Thursday, August 23, 2007

Around Town on the Tandem

There were a few errands to be run, so we took our Burley Zydeco tandem out of the garage, hooked up Abby's little Burley Solo trailer, and headed off for a family ride.

One of my happiest bike moments was when my phone started buzzing in my pocket while I was waiting to photograph a Chinese delegation in the boardroom. I slipped out to the hallway to hear Jenn ask,

"Are Burley tandems any good?"


"OK. I'm buying one."

We've been riding our tandem as a family ever since Abby was nine weeks old. She loves her trailer, and I'm looking forward to the day she graduates to a trail-a-bike.

Abby & I dropped Jenn off for a meeting, then headed over to East Coast Bikes, where Abby grabbed an unopened can of Red Bull, and proceeded to chew on it.

Don't worry, we're not letting her have caffeine, yet.

Jason and Stacey (?), a couple of new riders to the area, stopped by looking for good routes and rides. So here's a Wayfaring Map I put together of some of the East Coast rides. Any of the marked routes are fairly cycling friendly.

And now for a few random pictures:

The Top Shelf of the fridge. Only premium Yoder's Dairy Milk & Apple Juice.

The bottom shelf of the fridge. Polaroid film. 4x5 film. Vermont Maple Syrup, and Tofurkey kielbasa.

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