Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fallen Cyclist in Virginia Beach

At approximately 6:45 AM this morning, a cyclist was brought to the Virginia Beach General Sentara Hospital with massive head trauma. Both his helmet and skull were crushed. There's a very good chance that he will be dead by the time you read these words.

The cyclist, "John Doe," was "tan, fit and healthy," and wearing an "orange and yellow jersey." Those sound like the Team Tripower colors. Several Team Tripower cyclists were planning an early, 7:15 AM bike ride in Virginia Beach. It seems likely that John Doe was on his way to that group ride.

I don't know if John Doe was hit by a car, but that's the most probable scenario. And if the Virginia Beach Police Department and District Attorney stay true to form, then no one will be charged or prosecuted: cyclists are second-class citizens in car-happy Virginia Beach. Four wheels good, two wheels bad.

Roll Call, folks: was there someone who didn't make it to a ride this morning?

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David K.B. said...

Yikes, hope he makes it. My thoughts are with him and his family.

PistonRodPeddler said...

commie drivers are everywhere....

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, he did not. Pray for his wife and two sons. I personally know one of the sons and he is a wonderful young man--polite, smart, charming, etc. I am proud that my son is one of his friends.