Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daniel Hersh Memorial Ride

Please pass the word on, folks,

Memorial Ride for Daniel Hersh

Sunday, 8 AM
Conte's Bicycles, Laskin Road,
Virginia Beach

B Pace ride, 25-30 miles.

A Ghost Bike will be placed in memory of Daniel Hersh on Shore Drive.

Cyclists are requested to wear black or white.


cyclochris said...

Thanks for organizing Wes. I'll try to make it out there.

Doctor on a bike said...

Wes, I'm very sorry to say I did not know Daniel. Is there any other info on who he was?

Mere said...

I along with atleast one other VB Vanderkitten will be riding Sunday. Same roads, under the same rules, expecting the same justice. Thanks for organizing.

Anonymous said...

I used to work with Dan years ago. He was a great guy. A great husband and father. His eyes used to light up when he talked about his kids and how proud he was of them.
He was very laid back and easy to talk to.
My favorite memory was when he and I went out of town for a business trip. this was my first ever business trip. Dan was like my adopted dad for the week. he made sure i ate. made sure I had gas. He let me tag around with him and the older crowd.
He was a good guy. I hadn't spoken to him in some time. But I'll miss him. And I can speak for countless others when I say his absence will not go unnoticed.

Bill Hart said...

I am the VB rep to the Virginia Bicycle Federation. I am amazed how ignorant some people are about the bike laws. Our job in the next 12 months is to have a mass education campaign for the general public. On Sunday, I look forward to riding a "C" pace ride in honor of Dan. I did not know him, but I heard he was an awesome cyclist.

Anonymous said...

If you want to learn more about Dan see his obituary. I had the pleasure of working with Dan and he was a great guy and will be missed!


Bill said...

New Information - I found out that
Detective Walters has been assigned to the Hersh case. If you want info on it, please call him or her at 757 385 4606. The more pressure put on the detective the more likely the driver will be charged.

Bill Hart said...

Wes _ Thanks for the article in The Virginian Pilot. However, I think you need to point out that when a cyclist is injured, he has no insurance (it is not offered in Va), and when the driver is not considered at fault, he can not collect from anyone for his bicycle or his injuries. Yesterday, I had a near miss. I was riding east-bound around 4:45 PM on Muddy Creek Road, when all of the sudden, a SUV was turning right onto Charity Neck right into my path. Because I was only going 14 miles per hour, because of the wind, I was able to adjust and turn right to just miss being hit by the SUV. If he hit me, it would be his word against mine, and he would have won, because he has insurance and I do not. His insurance would not pay, because they would say he could not see me. This has got to change. Bill