Friday, November 16, 2007

VA Beach: Bikes on Roof Racks, Not on Roads

It seems like at least once a year I hear about another cyclist getting hit by a car on Shore Drive in Virginia Beach, as happened to Maxine Roberts last week. Which reminds me of why Tom Coghill canceled the Celebration of Life bike ride in VA Beach- the municipal government is biased towards cars, and is unwilling to spend the money to actually create safe cycling infrastructure. The safest place for a bicycle in Virginia Beach is on the back of a Hummer.

Folks, if you want to see this sad state affairs change, then you've gotta get out there and do something about it. Riding your bike is a good start. Lobbying city council is even better. Join a cycling advocacy group, and get active!

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Keirin racer said...

You couldn't be more right, Wes. BUT....having lived in WA state where there is some sort of roof rack on 9 out of 10 cars, the shoulders are as wide as traffic lanes & people actually WATCH for you....I don't see VB changing any time soon! As unfortunate as that sounds, I think it's true. Don't get me wrong....I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!! We should just do what I always do....BLAME MEYERA!!! She's the root of all problems in VB!!!