Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ludicrous, Giving Away Cars!

Rapper Ludacris gave away twenty cars earlier this week.

How empowering.

For the same amount of money, he could've given away 300 decent bicycles, which would've been a far better bargain for the working poor:

I'm gonna hazard a guess that the average recipient of a Luda-car doesn't have health insurance, and they're already strapped for cash.

Ludacris gave them each a car, but didn't cover the insurance, registration or taxes. And now, instead of improving their cardiovascular health, and thereby decreasing their risk of diabetes and heart disease, they now have a new key to a sedantary drive, thereby decreasing their life expectancies.

(No, really: cyclists have a longer life span than automobile drivers.)

If they'd been given bikes, they not only would've saved money on automobile taxes, title, registration & insurance, they would've also saved thousands of dollars per year on gasoline & maintenance costs, not to mention the above-mentioned healthcare savings.

Yep, chalk up another one for the American Dream: style trumps substance.

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gwadzilla said...


maybe he can still do this

that would be super cool

I have given bikes to people without a bike
it changes lives!