Friday, March 6, 2009

Stupid Hurts: Bridal Portraits on the Mainline

Gosh, I just don’t know why I didn’t think of this myself…Wedding Photographer Tom Munoz, in a demo for the new PockWizard ControlTL accessory, posed a bride on the mainline, and the video is posted on YouTube.

Based on the fresh ballast, shiny rails & concrete ties, I’m going to guess that Tom was shooting on either the CSX or Florida East Coast line in his hometown of Fort Lauderdale. It must be the low resolution of the web video that keeps me from making out the blue flags on the line and/or the assistants watching Tom’s back…I’m sure the track foreman was just out of frame, too…

Kudos to Tom, though, for bucking convention & refusing to tie the bride to the rail with strips torn from her own dress! Pure Genius!!!

Stay off railroad tracks, folks.
Not only is it trespassing, it's stupid.
Fast trains run silent.
Trains kill trespassers dead.

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