Sunday, January 11, 2009

Diagnosis- Success!

Over twenty people showed up for "The Bike Doctor's First Grandannual Lock U Up Alley Cat Classic," and raised enough money for 6 decent bike locks!

While I set up the course & checkpoints, Kurtz helped out with the start of the race by suggesting & directing a "Danger Start:" bikes were left at the top of the school stairs, and then there was a mass sprint to, up and down the stairs, bikes in hand.

I ran my checkpoint at "the Wall," where the Norfolk Catholic Worker serves breakfast three mornings a week, and the Bike Doctor repairs bikes one morning each week. I brought along my repair stand, and had folks sketch "the Bike Doctor's secret tool."
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And no surprise, Chris Dinsmore was on the winning team...

Mike Park, who was on the second-place team, was wearing his GPS & posted our course online.

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Thanks again to everyone who made this event a success! I've got a couple of other alley cats in mind, including a urban cyclocross (cyclo-kitty!) and another food drive (hungry kitty!). Maybe we'll get another one going next month!


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Anonymous said...

It was a fun event, Wes. The weather gods cooperated too. Cool pics.