Sunday, August 24, 2008

Scout's Honor Bike Race

Last weekend I went out to Goochland to shoot video of Cycle Ed's Scouts Honor 18 Hour Race. I had a blast, and even dragged my BOB trailer around the course for a lap- used it as a camera sled. I've got to finish up my Bike Virginia videos first, but once I do, I'll get some video up from Scouts Honor.

Being an Eagle Scout, it only seemed appropriate to wear my scout shirt to a bike race at a Boy Scout camp. My mom dug my old shirt out of the cedar closet (thanks, Mom!), and sent it to
me, along with my Dad's shirt. While I could still fit into my old shirt, it was too tight across the shoulders to be comfortable on the bike, so I ended up wearing my Dad's shirt. Aside from the fact that I didn't attend the 1963 National Jamboree, nor serve as the Troop 216 Committee Chairman, it was all legit.

(Thanks, Dave, for the picture!)


Rob said...

great picture and shirt wes!

2drunk2shift said...

See u at Tidewater Challenge. Peace and Carrots