Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bicycle Film Festival- In Search of Epic

Let me know what you think!

If you want to view a bigger version, head on over to


Anonymous said...


Great movie and music choices. You really captured that weekend.

Good luck!


FotoWes said...

Thanks, Jerry! I only wish I'd had a chance to capture one of your epic bunny hops!

Anonymous said...

Very well crafted, nicely paced. I like that I don't recognize a single band. Of course I'm old, with patches of brain left behind in the '80's. The music blended nicely with the visuals. Definitely passed the "makes me want to ride" test! Wish I had more opportunities.


Anonymous said...

Very cool, Wes. I enjoyed that a lot. Hopes the judges do too. Next year, we'll have to aim for more video of the ride, especially the downhills. Agreed on the music too.

Anonymous said...

Wes - pure freeking genius !!!!

2drunk2shift said...

Wes let me know when you guys have mountain bike fun planned, Carrie and I would love to jump in.

2drunk2shift is revitalized. this sunday starting at Pacifica, corner of 40th and pacific fun ride. Six p.m. 20-25 miles chilled 17-21 miles an hour just hangin, fixed, or not and ending at Pacifica w/ a wild beer selection and a secret bonus.