Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Reckless Riding

My favorite Norfolk bike cop hasn't hit me yet with the reckless riding charge that he's threatened me with, but one cyclist did get busted up in Newport News to the tune of $1,050.

Now if Kajuan Cornish was riding with traffic through the intersection, then it doesn't sound like an appropriate fine. But if Kajuan was illegally crossing the street & forcing cars to slow down for him, then yes, he deserved to get a ticket. Maybe not a thousand dollar ticket, but a ticket nonetheless.

Oh yeah, and Pungo drivers are getting fed up with cyclists, too.

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Keirin racer said...

The bad part about that photo is that it doesn't show that the riders are coming up to a stop sign. That's about 5 miles into our normal loop we do out of Fat Frogs. However, I guess we "won" a little victory Tuesday night at the city council meeting. What would the drivers say if we rode down Virginia Beach Blvd or General Booth Blvd?!