Thursday, November 29, 2007

Critical Mass, Norfolk!

That's right folks, come on out tomorrow night for Critical Mass, Norfolk!
Meet @ Colley & Baldwin Avenues @ 6pm.


Anonymous said...

also coming up in Norfolk... An Alley Cat Race!
Flyer is here:

After party after the race @ The Boot, details to come.

rochelle baltazar said...

i might be able to finally participate in this critical mass :)

chris d said...

Wish I could come one Friday, but I usually work until about 8.

Scott C said...

Just wanted to say thanks. It was a good experience for my first city group ride. I only fell off once! Might be good to post or link to some group ride tips for us noobs. Although I was starting to pick up on things (signaling, calling out cars or clear etc) pretty quick. I put up some flyers at work...don't know if it will help as i think I'm the only bike commuter in Non-Nuc Eng Div. Oh well gotta start somewhere.